It all started at the Canadian border with one of Dennis' LA .457's.  Went in to register it.  The inspector came out to get the serial number off of the gun.  The number 813 is stamped on the riser as we all know. Well the officer said it was not valid as it has to go on the main part of the rifle (for a firearm).  I told him it was an air rifle and was not considered a firearm in my state.  He looked at me like I had 3 eyes.  He says Air Rifle!.  Yup would you like me to discharge some air?  He said yes!.  After making sure it was unloaded I let one rip under the canopy.  BOOM! , in a flash all the agents that were inside came running out shouting is everything ok?  The officer with me hollers back , it's ok , it is just an air rifle.  He was sure surprised. After a laugh, off I went. In Canada anything over 450 fps has to be registered as a firearm. (By the way he could not believe the bore size).

Got to camp in another hour and got settled in.  Later that afternoon I went to my blind at 4:00.  It consisted of a pile of boulders.  I snuggled in for the long wait.  Legal shooting time ended at 9:43.  Well at 8:45 I spotted him coming towards the bait from my left side.  I got down low and kept trying to keep an eye on him.  He disappeared.  Twenty minutes go by and I am wondering where he went.  I looked to my right and there he was again. He had circled around me from behind. He was very cautious as he made his way by me. My heart was pounding. He headed towards the bait again and stopped.  Seemed like he was not going to come any closer.  He started moving again.  Again he stopped and looked all around.  Finally he committed himself and moved towards the bait again.  He was about 25 yards from the bait and around 35 yards from me, as he came into full view I raised the trusty .457 and let him have it.  KA BOOM , he spun around and bolted off.  It was only a few seconds and I could hear him thrashing behind the bait around 50 yards or so.  I loaded another slug and went looking for him.  It was not long before I found him piled up.  The 422 gr. Robert Vogel hollow point went clean through both shoulders.  When my guide came to pick me up he could not believe I was successful with a BB gun as he called it. Needless to say we had lots to talk about that evening.  Was a hunt of a lifetime. I have taken many bear with bow, & rifles.  This was a fun hunt.

Thank you Dennis for making such a fine hunting rifle, and Robert for such a fine slug! (Gun has not been modified at all except for the two cocking knobs)
Dave P.