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The Airgun Show Table
Miscellaneous airgun parts, many I have only one of.
This is what I take to airgun shows to sell, hence the name 
"Airgun Show Table".
Scroll down for airgun tools & parts
For additional gun parts, use this link: www.muzzlecouplings.com 

The pictures have been converted to thumbnails so that those with dial up service can view the page.  Just click on a picture to enlarge it.

All items are plus shipping.  I always use the least expensive way, I'm not lavish with your money.  All items subject to prior sale.

Crosman 1377 complete uppers, everything but the grip (as you see in the pictures).  $15. each plus shipping.  Specify the style and color of the pump arm.  Call 417-993-5262 to order and to get the shipping amount.  9am-6pm Central time zone.  NO Sunday calls.
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Thread adaptors & fillers (USA made, because I made them)
1/8" BSP to NPT, with seal $8.
1/8" BSP to 1/8" NPS $8.
1/8" NPS to 1/8" NPS (extension) $3.
These are 3,000 psi usable:
1/8" BPS filler, blued $6.
1/8" NPT stainless  $5.
1/8" NPT blued  $4.
1/8" NPS blued  $4.

Springs for air guns, nominally 1/2" diameter, with .062 spring wire (USA)
These are leftovers from when I wind springs.  5 springs per package
(a couple short ones & some long ones) $10. per package


4000psi, 1" dia., 1/8" npt back  $12. 




Air Pistol Barrels; 1/2" diameter, breech end threaded 1/2-28, blued; from top to bottom5475.jpg (63179 bytes)
  .375 smooth bore, for shot, 8" long  $12.
  .25 cal., 8" long  $40.
  .20 cal., 10" long  $20.
  9mm SOLD
RIFLE BARRELS: not pictured because they would just look like a piece of bar stock
  Made for airguns; wide grooves & narrow lands for low friction when you're using long & heavy bullets.
 .458 cal., 3/4 diameter x 20" long, $80.
  All barrels are plus shipping.

Male to male connector.  It's the center part in the picture.  Blued steel, 1/8 npt, $4. 
For use with your filler nipples OR buy two of the filler nipples below to complete
the connector.


5338w.jpg (65020 bytes)

Filler nipple, blued steel, 3000psi, 1/8 NPS.  Machined for filler check valve, but check
  valve stem or O ring not included.  Can be used with or without the check valve. $4. each



 5420.jpg (81350 bytes)

Valve Poppet, same as used in Quackenbush Airguns, head sizes .375 &
   .450, hardened & tempered stems, 1/8" or 5/32" diameter. 
   $20 each, specify dimentions



5364a.jpg (74604 bytes)Filler end, if you want to change from the needle filler end (pictured top left) to 
   use the Foster style connector (bottom right), change to the filler end 
   (bottom left).  Requires the use of the inlet check in the filler nipple (not
   supplied).  Polished & blued (as pictured at the bottom left), ready to install


3241.jpg (78810 bytes)Outlaw rifle action end, a replacement if you have damaged the knurling you can
    replace it with a new action end.  Polished & blued $40.





3187.jpg (89448 bytes)

Rifle butt pad, basket weave pattern, soft rubber, with mounting screws,
new, $13. each.  I have a couple dozen.    




3245.jpg (41435 bytes)

Stock mount screws with escutcheon, the screw thread is 3/4" long,
and there are 2 different escutcheon diameters: 9/16 & 5/8.
Polished & blued, screw & escutcheon pair, $5.




Cutter Grinder For Sale

Make rifling buttons; chambering reamers for cartridge arms; sharpen drills, chasers, reamers, mill & form cutters.  Comes with the index head, which is an expensive accessory if bought separately.  Can run on 3 phase or single phase.  $625.  
2921.jpg (254763 bytes) 2923.jpg (228086 bytes) 2925.jpg (176614 bytes)


  Muzzle coupling for .308 rifles;2777.jpg (32921 bytes)
     The coupling fits over the barrel & is tightened by
      a set screw.  The end thread it 1/2-20 and comes with
      the knurled thread protector, pictured to the right of
      it.  For the .308 barrels, I need a micrometer
      measurement of the barrel, the barrel varies 
      between .500 & .512.  $30. each


Airgun Parts:
A: GAMO trigger, new $10.
1704.jpg (81881 bytes)
 B: Pistol sear, used $2.

 C: Benjamin 30-30 trigger, new $6.

 D: Benjamin trigger, new $6.
 E: Spring guide, nylon, .485 diameter x 2 1/8 long with 
       a .610 dia. head $1.
 F: Scope base blank, 4" long, .840 bottom  $4.
 G: Marlin model 15 trigger guard  $4.
 H: Steel trigger guard, screw holes 2 3/4" center to center  OUT
 I: .22RF trigger guard, screw holes 2 1/2" center to center  $4.

TRIGGERS: You need a trigger for your airgun project, one of these already existing mechanisms will save you time in getting the project done.
 A: NAACO .22 rifle trigger, new $5.2362.jpg (107342 bytes)
 B: Remington 513 trigger, used  $6.
 C: H&R, rf rifles, used,  $15.
 D: Stevens #58/Savage #4, used, $16.
 F: Stevens #15 trigger & sear bar, used  $10.
 G: Ruger 77 Hornet, new, $17.
 H: High Standard, used, $13.
 I:  Ithaca, used, $20.

SCREWS: from left to right (a side view & a view of the head)
These are screws used on D. A. Quackenbush airguns & conversions.
  Rear hold down screw,  square breech conversion w/scope grooves, 
     blued,  50 each
  Stainless steel, oval head, Cro. pistol grip screw, 50 each
  Front hold down screw for square2632.jpg (66643 bytes)
     breech conversion and 25 cal.
     conversion & 9mm round breech,
     stainless steel, posi-drive phillips, 
     50 each
  Front breech screw, Outlaw rifles, 
     stainless steel, 50 each
  Rear breech screw, Outlaw rifles, 
     stainless steel, 50 each
  Low head cap screw 8-32 x 1/4,   50 each
  3/32 steel ball, the size used for the safety detent in Crosman 
     pistols.  25 each

Gun blued steel screws & washers, 50 each

 Fillister has a tall head, same diameter as a cap screw, but slotted for a screw driver:
  6-32 x 5/16,  3/82656.jpg (71304 bytes)
  8-32 x 3/8, 3/4, 1"
  8-32 x 5/16 phillips
 Pan, low head height & larger 
  head than the Fillister:"
   8-32 x 1/4, 1"
Binding head, low height & larger diameter
  than the Pan:
   8-32 x 3/4
   10-32 x 1/4, 3/8
Flat head, the length is the total length of the screw including the head:
  6-32 x 1/4
  8-32 x 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 3/4, 1"
Undercut Flat head, the underside of the head is cut away for use in thinner sections:
  6-32 x 1/4
  8-32 x 1/4, 5/16
Flat Washers, I didn't put a picture because everyone knows what one looks like:
  7/32 x 1/2;   1/4 x 9/16;   9/32 x 5/8;   5/16 x 3/4;   9/32 x 1


GAUGES: from top row, left to right
 2000psi, 2 1/2" diameter, 1/4" npt on back  $9.2653.jpg (115060 bytes)
 3000psi, 2" dia., 1/4" npt back  $9.
 5000psi, 2 1/2" dia., 1/4"npt back  $12.
 5000psi, 1" dia., 1/8" npt back  $10.
 1000psi, 2 1/2" dia., 1/4"npt bottom, VDO, 
     stainless steel $12.
 1500psi, 2 1/2" dia., 1/4"npt bottom, stainless case
     made by VDO $12.
 2000psi, 2" dia., 1/8" npt bottom  $9.
 4000psi SOLD
 6000psi  SOLD
 10,000psi, 2 1/2" dia., 1/4" npt, stainless steel  $15.

BOLT KNOBS: The shiny ones are round, polished, steel with a hole for a press fit onto the bolt handle.  Listed from left to right.2669.jpg (84407 bytes)
 5/16 diameter w/ 3/16 hole  $1.
 3/8 dia. w/ 3/16, this is the size I used for the 
    .25 cal. conversions  $1. each
 Complete handle w/ 3/8 dia. ball, I have some 
    threaded 6-32 and some 8-32  $4. each
 13/32 dia. w/ 3/16 hole  $2.
 7/16 dia. w/ 3/16 hole  $2.
 The next one is not a black olive, it's a matt blued, 5/8 dia. w/ 13/64 hole  $2. each
 5/8 dia. w/ 1/4 hole  $2.each The large bolt handle is just to show how it's used on the
 3/4 dia. with 12-24 tapped hole, this one is laying on its side so you can see its
     oblong shape, two radial grooves & a flattened bottom.   $3. each

BOLT HANDLES: These are large handles suitable for use on rifles.2672.jpg (62313 bytes)  I only have one
     of each.
 With serrated root  $2.50
 With round root  SOLD




 A: Tank adaptor for refilling Crosman 10oz tanks or with flex hose fill the gun 
         directly from the industrial size tank (this is 3 views: tank end, filler end &
         side view) $20. each
 B: Paintball tank filler screws onto industrial tank & paintball tank screws onto 
         opposite end (side view & end view) $10. each
 C: 10oz tank extension for Crosman 10-oz. tank. Saves existing thr675_parts.jpg (74620 bytes)ead &
         is a repair for damaged threads. $5.
 D: Bulk fill gun end plug fits Crosman and the
        Philippine CO2 guns (front & side view) $4. each
 E: Giffard rifle filler SOLD OUT
 F: Giffard pistol filler (side & end view), new $40. ea.
 G: Pin valves, 3000psi, the real thing, marked with an
       "H"   (for high pressure) coined into the stem
        end. $2.75 each
 H: Bolt knob
Made of steel, to press on or thread on to a bolt handle.
        One view is the hole and the bottom view is the side opposite.
        How it looks on the bolt is shown at the top.
          5/8 diameter with 13/64 blind hole  $2. each
          5/8 dia. with 1/4" blind hole, polished  $3. each
          3/4 dia. with 12-24 tapped hole  $3. each

 Thread measuring triangles, the attachments are still sealed in the box, have rubber 
     holder that attaches it to the anvils of a standard micrometer 2629.jpg (125521 bytes)
     making it a thread  measuring micrometer. $35.
 Indicator holder fits a spindle of 1 7/8 diameter max.  $5.
 Mitatoyo Uni-Mike $65.
 #1 MT center, have 3,  $1. each
 Electronic edge finder for use in milling machines, 1/2 dia.  $25.


 Airguns Illustrated (these are new, bulk purchased, no mailing address on them)
   Oct. '02 Premier issue; cover photo Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk) with
          an RWS 9mm  $8. 
   Jan. '03; Tech Force 20, Izh-46, RWS 350, BSA Firebird, Umarex P92 & M9,
          GAMO PT80, Airsoft P90  $8.
   May '03; Falcon FN19, Carbon fiber tanks, visit to the Daystate factory,
          .50 cal. Quackenbush, FX electric compressor   $8.
   Sept-Oct. '03; .308 Quackenbush, TomCat pistol, CB 2260,
          Shark 22 pump, Drulovs  $8.air_magazines.JPG (76246 bytes)
U.S Airgun
   Oct-Nov-Dec. '94 signed by M. Parks, and the articles signed by 
         Tom Anderson, Sharon Anderson, and Larry Hannusch $20.
   Oct-Nov-Dec. '93, new $12.
   Jan-Feb-March '94, has address label on it, $6.
   Nov-Dec. '98, new  $8.
   May-June '99, has address label, $6.
   Oct-Nov-Dec. 2000, new $8.
   Oct-Nov-Dec 2001, has address label, $6.
   July-Aug-Sept. 2001, has address label, $6.
   April-May-June '02, Rimfire & Airgun, has address label, $6.
Beeman catalog #20  $6.
Beeman Airgun Mainspring Technical Bulletin $2.
Blue Book of Airgun Values 3rd edition, new $20.

Magazines alone ship for a lower rate than non-periodical items (book rate).  Call me for shipping rate.  
   2 to 3 magazine can be sent for $2.70 total.
   4 to 5 magazines can be sent for $3.20 total.
   So you can save on shipping by ordering more than one item at a time.  

 A: Bushnell scope rings, vertically split, automatically center over the dovetail,
        new $6.25
 B: Bushnell horizontally split scope rings, new $4.335scope_rings.jpg (143155 bytes)
 C: 1" high gloss, new $6.
 D: 1" high matt, new  $6.
 E: Crosman Globe front sight, with inserts, new $6. each 
         (picture  shows 2 views)
 F: Weaver scope base, fits 1 3/8  diameter tube,  new $5.
 G: Tasco 1" rings, new  $6.
 H: Tasco 30mm rings, new  $10.
 I: Kwik-site high horizontally split rings, new  $12.

 A: Filler hose 1/8BSP on the straight end; curved end 1/4BSP, 4500psi, new $12.
 B2: (not pictured) Braided stainless filler hose 1/8NPT one end, 1/8BPS other end,
        3000psi, new $12.
 C: Filler hose 7" long, 1/8BPS both ends, 4500psi, new $9.
 E: Giffard rifle filler, new $40.337fillers.jpg (115352 bytes)                                                            click on pictures to enlarge 
 F: Giffard pistol filler, new $40.
 G: 1/8 NPS extension (Crosman 10oz tank), new $5.
 H: 1" diameter Pressure Gauge, 5000psi, 1/8NPT on back  $10.
I: Adaptor, 1/8NPT to union, new $1.
 J: Adaptor, 1/4BPS both ends, taper lock inside, new $5.
 K: 1/8NPT to 1/8NPT  new $3.
 L: 1/8NPT to 1/8NPT  new  $2.
 M: Right angle 1/8NPT to 1/8NPT, new $3.
 N: Axsor pump, etc., Outlet, 1/8NPT, new $9.
 O: Axsor, FX pump, etc., to 1/4NPT, new  $9.
 P: Axsor, FX pump, etc., with 1/8NPT side discharge for hose outlet, new  $9.


 A: Flanges for buffing wheels, Brownells, for 1" shaft, 
          2 1/2" O.D.  $1. pair
 B: Flanges for buffing wheels, for 3/4" shaft, 2" O.D.  $1 pair
 C: Flanges for buffing wheels, for 1/2" shaft, 1 1/2" O.D.  $1. pair548flanges.jpg (67312 bytes)
 D: Wheel adaptor, 5/8" shaft, wheels with 
        1"  hole  $1. pair
 E: Pin Vise for holding small parts when
         grinding, filing  or polishing,  1/4"
         capacity,  new  $10.
Polishing Arbor (shaft), make your
      own buffer/polisher, add bearing
      blocks, motor, pulleys, etc., 3/4" diameter, 24" long; is threaded
      3/4" right hand on the left side and 3/4" left hand on the right side
      (like it should be)  $20.


DRILL CHUCKS:2613.jpg (105783 bytes)
 3/4" cap., #36 Jacobs, w/#2 MT, got some dings, just cosmetic $35.
 1/2" cap., import, <.001 run out, w/#1 MT, new $12.
 1/2" cap., import, w/#2 MT, new $12.
 1/2" cap., Jacobs, w/#2 MT, new $18.
 1/2" cap., Jacobs #26, w/#2 MT, new $35.
 1/4" cap., Rohm, 3/8 straight shank, new $30.


Chucks with a straight shank allow you to mill with a cutter in the collet and then when you change to drill a hole you just remove the cutter and put the drill chuck in the collet.  Many times you may not even have to change your height because the chucks are low profile.  These are all Jacobs brand chucks.1373.jpg (102296 bytes)
From left to right:
  3/8 capacity SOLD
  3/8 cap. SOLD
  1/4" cap. with 3/8" shank SOLD
  1/4" cap. with 3/8" shank, used  $12.


SHOP EQUIPMENT: (left to right)682_parts.jpg (114280 bytes)
 Drill sharpening device for grinders, metal, unused $12.
 Tool post with bevel ring & rocker, for 10-12" lathes $10.
 Drill bit sharpener, plastic, uses collets (as supplied).
    Easier to use than metal one. $10.



 Sling shot 1/2" glass, Trumark, 72 ct. pkg. (I have 10 packages)2646.jpg (195285 bytes)
        $1.50 each
 Trumark steel shot, 5/16, 120 ct. $2.
 Trumark steel shot, 3/8, 70 ct.  $2.
Crosman .22 cal. pellets in a steel tin $3.
Crosman .177 cal. pellets in a plastic container  $2.
 .177 Geco tin of 500  $3.75
 .177 round ball GAMO $3.25
 Eun Jin 25, $5.
 Dae Sung, marked 707, $5.

Nylon holsters for large & medium frame auto pistols, has a spare mag pouch on the front & velcro adjustment on the belt loop.2617.jpg (111720 bytes)
 Leg holster, black or camo, new $8.
 Belt holster, black or camo, new $5.
 Leather shoulder holster, E. German made, for the .32 & 
    .380 auto loaders, w/mag pouch, new $10.


AIRGUN STOCKS (listed from top to bottom)1600.jpg (88856 bytes)
  Walnut blank for center fire rifle, its
     dimensions are oversize for shaping, 
     not inletted  $50.
  Paul Shotgun, walnut,  new mfg. replacement  $85.
  Crosman 160 SOLD

  This stock is no longer needed by me.  Some of the sizes were acquired to make
  spring guides, for spring guns, and some of the tubing I don't remember the reason
  why I have it.
  The tubing is known as DOM (drawn over a mandrill).  Sizes are listed by industry
  standards, which are nominal (may vary by up to .005).  Price is by the foot, 1 foot
  minimum.  Maximum shipping length is 3 foot long.  Shipping is additional.
  Listed Outside diameter x inside diameter:
    1/2 x 1/8    $3. ft.
    9/16 x 1/2    $2.50 ft.
    9/16 x .397   $2.00 ft.
    9/16 x .344   $2.00 ft.
    5/8 x 1/4    $3. ft.
    5/8 x .435   $2.50 ft.
    5/8 x .357   $2.50 ft.
    3/4 x .584    $2.25 ft.
    3/4 x .438    $2.50 ft.
    13/16 x 11/16   $2.25 ft.
    1" x 3/4     $3.00 ft.
    1 1/4 x 1 1/8   $3.00 ft.
    1 3/8 x 1 1/4   $3.00 ft.

Airgun Wanted: Daisy CO2 100 pistol.  I'm not looking for a collector's item because I'm going to make it a cut-a-way to show how the system works.

WANTED: Suzuki motorcycle engines & parts, 50cc to 120cc, models M10, M12, M15,
         M30, M31, K10, B100P & B105P.  Benelli/Wards 50cc.
         BSA  Goldstar 500cc.   Villiers engined motorcycles.  Panther, DMW, Enfield, etc.