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Additional ordering information

I do not ship outside the U.S. and its possessions.

Call me for shipping rate on parts from the Airgun Show table.  Rifles and pistols are charged the actual amount of USPS with insurance. I charge only what it costs to ship. If you send too much, I return the overage amount. If you send too little, I don't ship until payment is made, or I'll return the order.

3-day return (not 3 weeks)

Full refund for any problem that is of my making.

15% refurbish and restocking fee on "changed my mind," used, worn or scratched items.

The only airguns I repair are antiques made before 1900. I have parts for such airguns: Paul Shotguns, Liege Locks, Bar Locks, and Girandonis and other Austrian airguns of the same type. For air canes, I have made valves and springs, but keep none on hand. Made to order.

Because every country has different laws regarding air guns, I can't know them all.  Also the personal prejudices of customs inspectors are sometimes taken out on air guns, just because it contains the word "gun".  I do not ship to other places than the United States and its possessions.  If you can arrange through a family member or friend, residing in the U.S., or a forwarding/export company, I'll gladly ship to them.

Personal checks held 15 working days to assure clearance; bank money orders (including Cashier's checks) held 7 days. Payment by Postal money order is the fastest. I ship your rifle after I receive the ownership oath from you.  NO credit card checks accepted.

The Post Office does not guarantee overnight delivery (Express mail) to my location.  They only guarantee that what you send will arrive at my post office by 3pm the following day.  Express mail sent by you usually gets delivered to me the second day after it was sent.
Please do not send it certified or any other way that requires a signature.  When I am working in the shop I cannot always hear the postal carrier beep their car horn and they will not leave their vehicle to come to the door.

UPS does not offer overnight shipping from my rural location.  3 Day Select is as quick as they get.

On receipt of your payment, I send the ownership agreement.  When you receive the ownership agreement, you'll know that I received your check.  It's irksome to have people call me and ask, "Did you get my check yet?"  If you don't trust the Post Office, ask them where your letter is at, not me.  And if you didn't trust me to send your rifle, then why did you order to begin with?