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Sample of a Standard walnut stock:
5379.jpg (56791 bytes) 5380.jpg (57401 bytes)

Sample of a Select walnut stock:
5368Select.jpg (58072 bytes) 5369Select.jpg (58694 bytes)
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The following 2 rifles are "short" rifles. They have 20" barrels and a shortened reservoir tube to match.  I first started making short rifles 5 years ago by request from Texas hunters. They needed a rifle short enough to swing around in a pickup truck without taking the windscreen out.

Click on these pictures to enlarge.

5267.jpg (654773 bytes)5265.jpg (713227 bytes)
.308 short rifle with 2 1/2 power shotgun scope.
Stalker grade would be $595. without scope.

Laminated, checkered stock:   (click on pictures to enlarge)

Genuine Left Hand stock is on the top in both pictures, compared to the right hand stock below it:

Checkered Walnut stock:

The grip, prior to having finish applied to it:

Checkered walnut stock (Superior grades are hard to come by):   (click on pictures to enlarge)

2781.jpg (58721 bytes)
2780.jpg (94335 bytes)  2782.jpg (96637 bytes)